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Blue Ghost Peach

Blue Ghost Peach

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This cross between a Peach Ghost Jami and a Yaki Blue Fawn is an absolute marvel! Pods go from green to a beautiful deep purple before ripening to a bright peachy color. Mature pods may remain purple if kept in full sun.

Key Notes:

🍑 Peachy Elegance

💙 Mesmerizing Blue Hue: Pods go through a stunning blue/purple phase.

🌶️ Scorching Heat: This pepper brings the classic ghost pepper heat!

🔥 ~1,000,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) - as low as 100,000 SHU reported; my (possibly inaccurate) taste test placed it closer to the 1m range

🌶️ 80+ Days

10+ Seeds


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