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Naga Smooky Rainbow

Naga Smooky Rainbow

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This pepper was created as a cross of a Black Naga x Pink Tiger by Drax Diego and typically produces dark red "smoky" pods.

Some peppers from this particular line started off dark purple and eventually ripened to a bright red, like a Naga Viper.

Key Notes:

🔥 Intense Heat: Renowned for its fiery spiciness.

🌈 Complex Flavor Palette: You may encounter smoky and earthy undertones that add depth to the taste profile.

🍒 Fruity Hints: Amidst the heat and smokiness, you might detect subtle fruity notes.

🔥 20,000 - 30,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) - YMMV. My pheno has been a lot lower than this; other phenos have been known to be 10x this range

🌶️ 100+ Days

10+ Seeds

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